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SO~ What exactly happened during the BITE OF 87'?




The Last Audio Post for Five Nights at Freddy’s that I promised. Sorry it took me so long to write. This is the serious last one and to prove it, It’s got the largest cast out of any of them and it was too big to upload in 1 swoop so it’s being broken into 2 parts. 1 Goes up Today. The other goes up Friday and if you want to see the whole thing together, it’ll go up on my Youtube Saturday.

Allison - thedarkmander

Michael - CreepyPastaKid

Chuck - datpastaasylum

Freddy - MrCreepyPasta

Bonnie - creepypastajr

Chica - trinathewolf

Foxy - wellheyproductions

The Manager - litterbot

The Girl from School - deadjosey 

The Newscaster - barnabasdeimos

Past Audios:

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